About Us

Dr. Sonal Agrawal - Best Dentist in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

BDS, MDS (Endodontics) Gold Medalist
Advanced Root Canal Specialist Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist

Lotus Dental Care Clinic is one of the finest dental clinics giving the best dental treatments in Vashi Navi Mumbai. The fastest growing dental clinic in India with the upgraded technology so as to diagnose the problems fast & easily and could relieve our Patients from pain. Lotus Dental Care Clinic was established in 2020 by Dr. Sonal Agrawal, the dentist who has 17+ years of experience in dental care.

Our practice is recognized among others by sharing a reputation for giving outstanding services and forward expertise to every last patient that we get. We guarantee you a healthy smile that will fill two needs, our dental aptitude in treating all your dental issues and your sagacity in picking us as your dental-care- partner.

First communication with our team to enjoying your new smile with family and friends, we will make you feel like part of our family. Our primary responsibilities are to:

  • Accurately assess your dental condition
  • Educate you about tooth replacement and other options
  • Care for your overall well-being
  • Provide safety, comfort and security in a warm and welcoming environment
  • Help you afford the treatment you want and deserve
  • Provide supportive hygiene care following treatment to help you maintain optimum results
Staff working at Lotus Dental Care Clinic, Best Dental Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai guided by Dr. Sonal Agrawal Best Dentist and Top Dental Specialist in Navi Mumbai

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