Porcelain Veneers in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Dental Veeners Treatment by Dr. Sonal Agrawal Best Dentist and Top Dental Specialist at Lotus Dental Care Clinic, Best Dental Clinic in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Best Dentist for Dental or Porcelain Veneers Treatment in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

What are Dental or Porcelain Veeners ?

Dental veneers or Porcelain are basically like false fingernails that fit over the front and the edge of the teeth. They are designed basically to enhance and improve the color of the teeth, the size of the teeth, and the shape of the teeth. Teeth veneering is one of the most commonly used Cosmetic Dental procedures. They are used to give your teeth a perfect makeover and provide a dazzling smile. This particular dental cosmetic treatment is also sometimes called ‘Smile Makeover’.

Advantages of Dental or Porcelain Veeners

Some of the main advantages of Dental or Porcelain Veeners are:

Dental veneers are made with a very skilled pair of hands either the expert cosmetic dentist’s hands, for example, making composite veneers also called cosmetic bonding or the expert ceramic technicians that make porcelain veneers.
The skill of the craftsman & knowledge of making those two things is the most important factor in having them look natural.
The second most important factor is the patient’s desire. Some patients want very natural, very aesthetic results. So, enhancement of their teeth, but not necessarily to make them look artificial and that aesthetic choice is personal & varies person to person.
But again, that’s the choice of the patient and their desire, for what they want to look like.
A lot of it comes down to the skill of the Dentist and technicians that make the veneers. And they look as natural as the patient desires them to look.

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